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The sculptures and assemblages below are selected works from the A Series, T Series and N Series.
Please click on the thumbnail image to view full resolution images. For a complete listing of
the works in each series, please click on the respective Series links above.


vegetarian cow sculpture


clay, acrylic paint, Damar varnish,
acquired eating utensils,
stained and varnished wood of
16 by 20 by 5 in.

war sculpture


Wood, glass and mirror vitrine,
cast resin, garnet, sand, acrylic,
enamel of 9 by 13 1/2 by
8 1/2 in., 2009

marrissa sculpture

Oil on Stretched canvas with
Plaster Sculpture of 9 by12 by
circa 4.5 in. 2008

split face painting expressionism


Oil Paint, Fabric, Plaster, Acrylic
Paint and Polymer on
Stretched Canvases of
18 by 12 by 3/4 in. (two separate canvases of 9 by 12 in.), 2008



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